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Mount Royal Commemorative Services

Mount-Royal Cemetery & Funeral Complex Cimetière & Complexe Funéraire Mont-Royal


There for you in your time of need

It is our mission to care for the deceased with dignity and provide services to the bereaved with sensitivity and compassion.

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Funeral Planning and Cemetery Services in Outremont

Losing a loved one can be tough. At Mount Royal Commemorative Services, we have all the provisions to make a funeral service beautiful and convenient. You can trust us to make personalized funeral arrangements to honour the memory of your loved one in Outremont with our cemetery services. Our funeral home’s warm and comfortable atmosphere is suitable for different types of services.

Mount Royal Funeral Complex
At The Mount Royal Funeral Complex, you get the flexibility to decide the kind of funeral service you want, whether traditional or contemporary. With compassion and sensitivity, we carefully plan the services to suit your cultural, familial and religious or non-religious rites.

This complex is nestled on the beautiful grounds of the historic Mount Royal Cemetery. We have visitation rooms and fully equipped reception halls with panoramic views of the city, which can be used for small and large memorial events. We also offer partial to complete catering services to meet your taste and expectations.

There are two beautiful chapels within the complex – the ‘Mount Royal’ and the ‘Outremont’. The Mount Royal chapel is designed with traditional, religious architectural motifs such as beautiful stained glass windows. The Outremont chapel is newer and has no identifiable religious themes and artifacts. It has a non-religious and modern look but with a warm atmosphere. This chapel is also fully equipped for musical tributes and videos and can accommodate up to three hundred guests.

The Mount Royal Funeral Complex is a non-profitable organization like the Mount Royal Cemetery Company, its sister company. This allows the volunteer Board of Trustees to do their best for you and your family during difficult times.

Mount Royal Cemetery
The Mount Royal Cemetery is one of the first rural cemeteries in North America and was incorporated in 1847. It spreads over 165 acres. It’s a lesson in the history, revealing 200,000 unique life stories. This cemetery has many majestic monuments, statues and obelisks. In addition to these, careful landscape planting and grounds management has led to the cemetery being designated as a National Historic Site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Boards of Canada.

This cemetery also has an excellent collection of trees and shrubs. An annual reforestation and maintenance program has ensured the continuity of the arboretum which is more than a century and a half old. An index and map showing the exact location of over 100 trees species in the cemetery is available in the cemetery office.

Contact us for all kinds of cemetery arrangements and funeral services.

Mount Royal Crematorium
This crematorium is present in the northeast portion of the cemetery. The building has undergone many improvements but the original chapel still remains intact, a reflection of the turn of the century architecture. In 1984, a second chapel was added to the original chapel which has more of a contemporary style. Give us a call to learn more about cremations.

Funeral Planning in Outremont

From the start till the end of the funeral ceremony, Mount Royal Commemorative Services can carry out the entire funeral planning in Outremont. You can count on us for cemetery memorialization, flowers, funeral services, cemetery services, and more.

If you want to plan your funeral to take the burden of off your loved ones, you can talk to us. We offer funeral pre-planning services as well. We will give our best to organize the ceremony based on your specifications and requirements.

Want to create an online memorial? Our team can do it for you. In these memorials, we can include videos, photographs and stories of your friends and family from anywhere in the world. This will help future generations to connect with the ones who lived before them.


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